Free Reins

Free Reins is a documentary about Hinchinbrook Farm, an unlikely place, a magic kingdom where the ordinary world is turned on its head. I’m lucky to live close enough that I can walk there. If you’ve never been, you should, there are public occasions from time to time, you can find on their website.

This documentary is particularly important to me, because it’s about Hinchinbrook, and about Patty McGill who is its beating heart, and all the folks who come there. But also because the film started as a spark in my wife, producer Erin Oakes’ imagination. A spark of passion that deserved to grow, and did with many friends fanning the flames. So now you get to see the film.

Free Reins will be screening a director’s cut at the Atlantic Film Festival on September 16, 2017.

We were happy to provide a number of web graphics, including social media banners and promotional memes.


From Tell Tale Productions: “Meet maverick Patty McGill and her “tribe’ – a diverse group of kids, families and volunteers who participate in an unconventional brand of horse therapy at Hinchinbrook Farm on the South Shore on Nova Scotia.

At Hinchinbrook, different is normal. Everybody’s got ‘something,’ but no one is wearing a label. Kids don’t come here to be ‘fixed’ – Patty doesn’t believe they need to be – they come for love, acceptance and a place to call their own. A life-long outsider herself, Patty’s mission to help comes from a passionate belief in the healing power of horses – and the fact that she herself was left disabled from a riding accident.

Free Reins follows Patty and three of the kids from the “tribe.” Kirklind, a 19 year-old autist who is non-verbal but who Patty is determined to “unlock;” 14 year-old Roze, an autistic girl who acts like a horse as a way to handle her emotions; and Jaime, a teenager with a disorder that robs her of her memory and leaves her feeling left out from society at large.”


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