The pitch package cover for a documentary show about Hinchinbrook Farm, a very special and specialized place where kids receive therapy for a range of issues including autism and other rare neurological challenges. The show goes to production the summer of 2o16.

Liverpool Museum of Photography

Visited the Museum of Photography in Liverpool, NS. Also known as the Sherman Hines Museum Of Photography. If you go, which is worth doing, it’s at 205 Church Street – some directories still show their old address (Main Street). The museum is part of a larger collective of mini-museums and collections, including the unlikely Outhouses […]

Tall Ship Odyssey sets sail on Discovery

Facebook ad. Facebook banner. Tall Ship Chronicles, originally pitched in 2012, set sail on Discovery Channel in 2015. These images were built from several sources; the photo of the ship, a seascape, and a cloudy sky photo. The difference in titles reflects the title used by Discovery Channel, and the title as it appears in […]

3D Film Screening poster

The 3D Film series (Documentary, Discussion, Dessert) presented  by the South Shore Waldorf School every year. The series is a fundraising effort by the school, this poster was provided pro bono.