The pitch package cover for a documentary show about Hinchinbrook Farm, a very special and specialized place where kids receive therapy for a range of issues including autism and other rare neurological challenges. The show goes to production the summer of 2o16.

Forever Young, TV doc pitch-package

Forever Young will air in 2015. It explores the remarkable changes that are happening in lifespan for humans. In the next century, humans will be born who will expect to live for potentially hundreds of years. It seems like science fiction, but its happening.

Avalanche Squad

A pitch package for a documentary TV show called Avalanche Squad, which followed the adventures of the people responsible for controlling snow conditions in avalanche prone areas near human activity.

Tall Ship Odyssey original pitch-package

Pitch package for Tall Ship Odyssey, a reality TV show. Update: the show was aired as a webcast by Discovery in 2015. TV shows can take time to work their way through from pitch to broadcasting. The ship Picton Castle is based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.