The pitch package cover for a documentary show about Hinchinbrook Farm, a very special and specialized place where kids receive therapy for a range of issues including autism and other rare neurological challenges. The show goes to production the summer of 2o16.

Bounty: Into The Hurricane TV doc

  Movie poster for Bounty: Into The Hurricane.     Facebook ad for Bounty: Into The Hurricane.   Facebook banner for Bounty: Into The Hurricane. Bounty: Into The Hurricane is a TV doc about the tragic sinking of the tall ship Bounty off North Carolina in 2012.

Trek of the Titans

  Trek of the Titans poster. This poster is a complicated composite of many image sources. I created the turtle in the forefront from five separate photos of turtles taken by the film crew.     Trek of the Titans Facebook banner. Trek of the Titans follows a leatherback sea turtle on it’s epic migration. […]